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Sheila Kelly

I just wanted to drop a line and give some feedback on the person that I have been speaking to at Thorneycroft for the last couple of years following a car accident.

All too often, people find the time to sit down and write a letter of complaint, and have a good old moan about poor customer service. In life we deal with so many individuals on a daily basis, but I just wanted to take some time and sit down and write a letter about someone who I think deserves some recognition.

The person that I am talking about is Lee Stone and I wanted to let you know what a great employee you have in him. He comes across as a genuinely lovely guy, and as much as Im so very pleased to finally get some resolution to my claim – I shall miss speaking to Lee!

My claim has taken so very long to finally get resolution as the ‘other solicitors’ have behaved like complete idiots, with no chance of common sense ever prevailing! I found this situation so frustrating at times, as I’m sure Lee did too, however he persevered and kept me updated along the way. Lee’s ‘people’ skills are fantastic, he just has the ability to connect with people and just seems like a real genuine individual and a nice person.

Over the last couple of years I have spoken with Lee on many occasions- and these last couple of years have been so very stressful for me. So at times when Ive spoken to Lee, I’ve been really upset. He has shown such compassion and genuine care – an absolute rarity nowadays.

He conducts himself in such a way, that he shows empathy, care and yet still gets the job done – he treats people as individuals and not just as a case number at the end of a phone line – which is so very important.

I know my claim was probably such a small claim in comparison to some of your other clients – however, I was never made to feel that I wasn’t important – in fact it was always the complete opposite.

When I spoke with Lee, he listened. Very simple sentence that isn’t it – but it means so much.

He is an absolute credit to your company, and because of him, I hold Thorneycroft in high regard – and surely thats what business is all about!

I do hope, that you give Lee recognition for all his work, because I believe that he truly deserves it.

With best wishes

Sheila Kelly