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Sepsis compensation claims
Sepsis compensation claims


If you have suffered a delay in diagnosis of sepsis, misdiagnosis or have undergone a procedure that has directly resulted in Septicaemia then you may have the right to a clinical negligence compensation claim.

What is Sepsis

Sepsis is a ‘silent killer’, also known as septicaemia or blood poisoning, which occurs after the body gets an infection. Anything from a splinter, water infection, cut, graze, surgery or an internal infection can trigger the body’s immune system to go into overdrive. The immune system starts to react aggressively which starves the tissue of blood causing loss of limbs and can eventually result in organ failure and death.


Medical staff are aware of the dangers of Sepsis which kills 44,000 people each year. Statistics show that out of 150,000 people who develop Sepsis in the UK each year, 25% are left with life-changing disabilities, such as organ failure and amputated limbs. If diagnosed within an hour of the body going into septic shock, Sepsis can be treated using intravenous antibiotics.

Late or misdiagnosis

Pursuing a sepsis negligence claim is a highly specialised area. Whether you have experienced delayed treatment resulting in loss of limbs, digits or facial tissue or suffered organ failure, it is essential you get the best advice you can to help you get the compensation you need to help with your recovery.

Sepsis claim solicitors

As with any clinical negligence compensation claim, it is vital to find a solicitor that has expertise in this specialist area. At Thorneycroft Solicitors we have a dedicated team who understand how devastating sepsis can be to patients and specialise in getting compensation. Our team works with the country’s leading medical experts in this area of clinical negligence to ensure that we offer the very best legal advice.

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