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“Do I have to pay any legal costs if I lose, and can I take out insurance against that risk?”

If you instruct us on a no win no fee agreement then as long as you follow our advice and don’t mislead or misinform us, you don’t have to pay anything towards our own fees if you lose the case at trial. You can be held liable for the other side’s legal fees however, up to a maximum of the level of damages you are awarded (which would leave you with nothing) if you refuse an offer in settlement of your claim, and that offer is the same as or more than the sum ultimately allowed by the judge at court. We strongly recommend that you take out ATE (After The Event) legal expense insurance against this risk, in the event that you don’t already have full legal expense cover. The premiums tend to be reasonable if taken out at the point of instruction and are deferred to the conclusion of your claim, so there’s no payment up front just a deduction from your damages.