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What happens when you make a claim?

There are several stages when making a claim, firstly we need to assess who is responsible for the accident, in legal terms this is known as determining liability for the accident. We will obtain all supporting evidence such as witness statements, police reports, locus reports, CCTV and in some cases we employ the use of an accident reconstruction expert.

Whilst we are determining liability for the accident, we will also be gathering the evidence in relation to what is known as quantum. This, essentially, is the value of your case in monetary terms. We will need to know all your out of pocket expenses and we ask you to keep any evidence of these.

We will also require evidence of your injuries. Accordingly, we will need your full medical notes so that we can instruct a medical expert, in the discipline of your injury, to examine you for the purpose of preparing a medical report. We then value your injuries based upon the content of the report. In the case of serious multiple injuries you may need to be examined by several experts.

Once liability has been determined, and all the quantum evidence has been finalised, your case can be quantified, the parties can then attempt to negotiate settlement.