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Proud to support a charity which saves lives

The North West Air Ambulance charity is always on call to take our wounded and ill to hospital quickly and safely. At Thorneycroft Solicitors, we feel passionately about this charity and recognise that, without it, many lives may be lost or greatly affected as a result of not getting to hospital quickly.

In a split second unexpected things can happen that will change your life forever. It is in these moments that for 15 years the North West Air Ambulance Charity has been in the right place, at the right time making a life changing difference.

Whenever access is difficult or time is critical, from the Cumbrian mountains to the Cheshire Plains or the beaches of Blackpool and the streets of Manchester, our pilots fly our doctors to the scene of serious emergencies in minutes. Every second counts which is why the speed and accessibility of our helicopters makes our service absolutely vital, and in many cases life-changing.

In order to ensure all 3 helicopters are fully maintained and the paramedics have all the medical expertise necessary to treat people whose injuries are life threatening, the service costs in excess of £6 million to run each year. At Thorneycroft we want to help the NWAA receive the funds it desperately needs to maintain this invaluable service. Our recent fundraising saw us raise £137 from our monthly dress down day and we continue to support them with other fundraising activities throughout the year.

A spokesperson for the NWAA:
‘Where every second is vital, whether a person has suffered a spinal injury and is stranded in a remote location or has been injured in a road traffic accident, it is the adaptability, speed and agility that our helicopters can provide that makes the difference’.

‘Fundraising activity is vital to keeping the service running across the North West and we are delighted that Thorneycroft Solicitors have chosen to support us.’

‘Flying 365 days a year we provide a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) to the 8 million people of the North West and the many visitors our area attracts. Through the support of the public, we now have doctors on board our aircraft alongside our paramedics and pilots. This means that advanced medical treatment can be delivered at the scene, saving crucial seconds and giving the gift of time to our patients. Our service currently costs over £6 million per year to deliver, all of which comes from voluntary donations.’

If you are interested in fundraising for the North West Air Ambulance charity then check out their website to see how you can help. www.nwaa.net