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Woman received five figure settlement after court agreed informed consent not given

A woman, who was left unable to have children, has received a considerable payout after a Court agreed that she had not been made fully aware of the risks involved in an operation to remove a polyp.

The woman visited her GP complaining of intermenstrual bleeding and painful periods and she was then referred to a specialist consultant and gynaecologist and after some time they decided to scan her and diagnosed a polyp.  

The hospital claims the woman was given comprehensive information before the procedure explaining that endometrial ablation, which is a procedure used to remove polyps, can, in some cases, result in hysterectomy.

The patient however claims hospital staff were medically negligent as they did not properly explain the risks.  Although she signed a consent form for hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and endometrial ablation, she claimed the risk of hysterectomy was not made clear to her.  She claimed that she only discovered the risks of ablation after she looked it up on the internet.

She would not have put herself at risk of being childless considering her age (30) and the fact she did not have any children.  She had to undergo a hysterectomy at the age of 36 as a result of the ablation procedure and is no longer able to have any children.  She received a five figure pay out from the hospital who were found not to ensure the patient knew all the risks involved before operating.

At Thorneycroft Solicitors we deal with a wide range of hospital negligence claims and a diverse range of medical injuries as a result of negligent medical care.  This is a particularly sad case as the patient was  not made fully aware of the risks of a straight forward procedure and now she is unable to have children.  At Thorneycroft solicitors, we are sensitive to each and every one of our clients stories and can advise on whether you have a valid compensation case or not.

We offer a free initial interview in order to review your specific circumstances and assess the viability of your hospital compensation claim. After this, the majority of hospital claims are dealt with on a no win – no fee basis.

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