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West Cumberland Hospital admits medical negligence.

The West Cumberland Hospital has been found liable, by the High Court in London, for the death of a woman due to medical negligence.

The tragedy happened back in December 2002 when the woman was admitted to have a routine induced birth. The woman was given 3mg’s of Prostin (a drug to induce labour) and a second dose several hours later and advised to stay at home and wait for contractions to be regular and close.

The mother was in a lot of pain and returned to the hospital where she eventually gave birth. Unfortunately the birth was difficult and baby was delivered by forceps and was starved of oxygen. Shortly after the birth the mother was found to be severely traumatised and in agony. She then suffered a cardiac arrest and, despite surgeons operating to stem internal bleeding, she died.

The High Court found that it was the midwife’s decision to administer a second dose of Prostin that turned out to be “catastrophic”. The three day court hearing concluded last week that the Hospital was not negligent with regards to the baby’s brain injury but found the mother died as a result of “negligent care” following the birth. It was found that the mother suffered a ruptured uterus following the birth, which is a rare side effect of Prostin, and that medical staff failed to recognise the severity of the symptoms.

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