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Tameside Hospital still has ‘significant issues’

The troubled hospital is to remain in special measures for another six months following an inspection from England’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals.

The health watchdog rated Tameside Hospital as ‘inadequate’ and said that despite it’s great effort and some improvements to patient care, the NHS Foundation Trust still had ‘significant issues’.
Hospital bosses accept that although ‘good progress’ was being made but that the size and scale of the issues meant there was ‘no quick-fix solution’.  Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found that not enough progress had been made to recommend the Hospital could leave special measures.
Professor Sir Mike Richards, CQC’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said: “Despite some areas of development, notably maternity and children’s care, overall Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has made inadequate progress for me to recommend that it can leave special measures at this time.
“Despite hard work by the staff – evidenced by the feedback patients gave us – there are still significant issues in a number of areas which are preventing local people receiving the care they deserve.
“I have recommended to Monitor that the trust remains in special measures for now. I am cautiously optimistic that, in the next few months, the trust will be able to demonstrate enough improvement for me to review this again. People deserve to be treated in services which are safe, compassionate, effective, and responsive to their needs.
“We will continue to monitor the trust closely and will inspect again in due course.”

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