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September anticipates post holiday divorce spike

January and September have been high months for divorce proceedings in the past. What is it about these months in particular that causes people to make changes in their lives?

The reasons for spikes in January are often put down to turbulent relations over the Christmas and New Year festivities and a reassessment of where you are in life and more importantly where you are going – New year, new life, new start etc. Financial strains also peak around this time as many try and fail to keep up with modern day expectations.

Alcohol consumption is high during the Christmas and New Year breaks and subsequently, the calls to emergency services spike for domestic violence which can trigger divorce proceedings.

But why is September so popular for people to initiate marital separations? Every couple is unique and has unique circumstances for their own marital breakdowns, but a number of reasons have been thrown around in the media tabloids including stressful holiday experiences, child care strains and financial worries.  Stresses that can lead to excessive arguing which in turn can lead to unreasonable behaviour or even adultery.

For some reason those 6 weeks of the year at the end of July and all of August, when children are off school, parents seem to be put under extreme pressure to work, organise child care, go on family holidays and pay for it all and clearly, for some, it seems to be too much.

The Office of National Statistics has figures up to 2013 and they show that whilst divorce has been steady over the last few years, there is a trend where the majority of divorces are initiated equally by both men and women in the 40-44 year category with 48% having a child or children.

Pressure and anxiety can push people to the limits and can result in arguments and realisations that you are with the wrong person.  For an informal chat and to take the first steps into finding out about what divorce involves, please contact our family law team on FREEPHONE 0800 1979 345.

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