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56,000 Patients Tested Following Hip Surgery Negligence

Following the new safety alert regarding metal on metal hip implants, it is suspected there will be thousands of claims to follow.

Apparently, over 56,000 patients are being told to have x-rays and blood tests to determine whether they have been adversely affected by the implants which have turned out to be far more toxic than first thought.

In 2013 all NHS hospitals were told to stop fitting metal on metal hip replacements (save for the very rare exception).

Wear and corrosion can lead to tiny metal iron particles entering the soft tissue around the artificial hip which has been responsible for metallosis and aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vasculitis – associated lesion (ALVAL)

This is a very real problem with tens of thousand of patients having been negatively affected, with some developing tumours from the toxins following the surgery.

If you are concerned and have had a metal on metal hip implant since 2013 give our team a call and we will look into this for you.

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