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Know your rights- flexible working.

 Our economy is seeing a growth in flexible working and the Government is hoping to extend employees rights to request flexible working to all staff.  

Currently the law supports employees such as parents and carers of dependants (children under 16 or disabled children under 18). Under the proposed changes, employers will have to consider request from all staff but will still have the flexibility to refuse on basis of legitimate business grounds.

The Government plan to introduce the changes to flexible working in 2014 could also include proposals to allow new parents to share a year’s leave.  Flexible working can be defined as: home-working, shift working, a temporary contract, job sharing, part-time working and flexitime.

What do you need to know before applying for flexible working.  You must have 26 continuous weeks employment before making an application and employers have to consider all applications fairly and give valid reasons for any decisions made.  You have the right to appeal against a decision or negotiate on the hours and location of work.  If your request for flexible working is accepted then it becomes a permanent change to the contract of employment.  You can only submit one application in a 12 month period. 

If you would like to find out more about your employment rights or to discuss your circumstances further please contact Mark Bestley on 01625 507571 or 07825 081 856.