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Dentist pays compensation to woman after ‘nightmare’ teeth implants

A 26 year old woman has won £27,500 compensation following poor dentistry which has caused ongoing dental problems.

The woman consulted with her dentist and advised him of her rare genetic condition and asked about the suitability of implants. The patient suffers from Ectodermal Dysplasia which means she has less than half the number of adult teeth but her Dentist, Dr Henk Freeke, agreed to do two teeth implants.

When she received the bill for the dental work, she discovered he had implanted four teeth which had not been agreed upon but also they had begun to come loose after a few months.

The patient was distressed and sought a second opinion which revealed two issues: the implant sites were poorly chosen due to insufficient bone to support the new implants properly and the posts used were too big for the bone available.

“Having dental implants was supposed to be a new beginning for me, where I could smile with confidence for the first time and not be self-conscious… Sadly, it turned into a nightmare… I trusted Dr Freeke completely but he’s left me with so many health issues.”

Following her ordeal, the woman has had to pay out for extensive corrective surgery which included repairing perforated sinuses caused by the initial surgery.

Dr Freeke denied liability and settled out-of-court.

The practice manager at the practice concerned said: “We are disappointed the treatment did not go as well as expected and we hope the settlement goes some way to resolving the matter for the patient.”

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