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Cancer targets still being missed in NHS Hospitals

New data reveals that key targets set up to ensure suspected cancer patients are diagnosed within 14 days are still being missed.  The government targets state that a patient should be seen within 14 days after a GP suspect that a patient has cancer and urgently refers them.  Many hospitals are failing to meet these targets including Hospitals in Lincolnshire.  

Only 88.8 per cent of patients in the county were seen within the two-week target whereby the targets should be reaching 93 per cent.

Staff shortages, budget pressures and increasing demand on the NHS are being blamed by health bosses but this is cold comfort to the general public who need to know that something is being done to ensure cancer patients are fast tracked.

Chief Executive at Healthwatch Lincolnshire, Sarah Fletcher, said:

“These stats are alarming and concerning with regard to patients’ safety and their ability to access treatment. There’s more work that needs to be done around how patients are supported, and the need for patients to get treatment and assessment as early as possible.

“Early diagnosis is absolutely essential with cancer.”

The United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust blames failures to hit targets on the increased number of cancer referrals and ongoing staffing issues.  Operations Director, Michelle Rhodes said:

 “The trust has a number of unfilled vacancies for radiologists. The main obstacle to achieving faster results and treatment is this severe shortage.

“This is a national problem, and the trust is working hard to recruit radiologists from other countries.

“We have recently appointed three consultant radiologists who start working for the trust from March and we continue to recruit from aboard.

“This increase in senior doctors will help us meet targets in the future.”

Hospitals all over the UK are missing their targets for cancer referrals.  If you feel you have experienced poor care as a result of misdiagnosis, late diagnosis or delayed treatment and your health has suffered significantly as a result then talk to one of our medical negligence solicitors to see if you are entitled to compensation.

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