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Botched eye surgery leaves woman unable to shut her eyes at night

It was supposed to be a treat for losing lots of weight but the woman has now been left with eyelids that won’t close causing her eyes to continuously water.

After losing a considerable amount of weight, the patient was left with a lot of excess skin around her eyes, which she decided to have surgically removed to complete the transformation.

The woman only noticed there was a serious problem post-surgery after her son told her that she looked weird with her eyes open and she was waking covered in her own tears.

The cosmetic procedure is called an eye lift operation and is usually a straight forward operation but the woman says it has caused her extreme ‘trauma and anxiety’.  Her story was told on ITV’s This Morning and interestingly she was interviewed by Leslie Ash who was herself a victim of cosmetic surgery gone wrong back in 2002.   In her interview she told Leslie:

‘I went with the same company that did my bariatric surgery. I researched the surgeon and he’s a member of the GMC [General Medical Council].

‘It was upon the consultation with the surgeon that he recommended I had both done – upper and lower lids.’

‘I knew something was wrong – my eyes were constantly streaming. But I was repeatedly told, “You’re fine.”

‘Tears were pouring down my face when I was trying to go to sleep. I would wake up and my pillow would be wet.’

She now hopes to highlight this issue and campaign for better regulation in the industry.

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