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£11m compensation pay outs from Merseyside hospitals

A worrying snowball effect is occurring amongst Merseyside hospitals which are thought to be as a result of recent spending cuts to essential departments.   Merseyside Trusts are giving out huge sums of money in medical compensation as medical blunders. £11m has been paid out in compensation claims from Liverpool Women’s Hospital and £15.6m from Arrowe Park.

The rise in claims has been blamed on increasing hospital errors as a result of tightening budgets and staffing issues.  As the NHS spending cuts start kicking in, a natural consequence is that the care and quality of service drops due to lack of staff and lack of equipment, therefore the number of errors increase. 

Enormous legal costs have mounted up to battle these claims and this cost is one of the reasons why the Liverpool Women’s Hospital is currently under massive financial strain.  The recent medical negligence bill has been blamed on an unprecedented number of patients with complex conditions, therefore the risk of poor outcomes for some of these patients was much higher than for patients attending hospitals under less demand.

In total there has been £35m of legal action brought against the Liverpool Women’s Hospital by more than 400 patients, following errors made by medical staff. Patients are being told not to worry and that they are being treated with more skill and precision than ever before due to advances in technology. This also means that the patients return to their homes faster with better outcomes and more people can be seen to.

Hospitals should be places of safety and care, but in times of squeezed budgets, the resources are stretched and medical staff can sometimes make mistakes.  From time to time,  there are cases where things can go wrong and NHS staff need to learn from their mistakes in order to improve this problem and further develop their service.

If you think you may have suffered poor care from an NHS hospital then give Thorneycrofts a call.  We pride ourselves in client care, taking the proceedings at a pace you feel comfortable with and making sure you feel that you have someone on your side. Give us a call on freephone 0800 1979 345 and get free NHS negligence legal advice.

Thorneycroft Solicitors have acted on behalf of many clients across Macclesfield, Cheshire and Manchester. No matter how minor or major your NHS negligence claim, our goal is to offer a service that delivers results. If you believe you have suffered an injury due to NHS medical negligence then you could be entitled to a substantial compensation pay out.

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