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Dental patient received £6.5k pay out after being left in pain following badly fitted implant

A 32 year old man has received a £6.5 k pay out after he discovered he had been in agony due to a badly fitted implant and crown.  He attended his family doctor regularly and even returned to the dental practice when he moved away.

The patient had been advised by his family dentist that he needed an implant fitted and a crown added to replace a tooth he had lost.  He went ahead with the treatment but was left in some discomfort and pain following the procedure which he thought was a success.

Over the next six years he still had problems with the crown and implant until eventually the pain became excruciating and he visited a different dentist.  On inspection it0 was discovered he had a serious infection and that his implant had been poorly fitted as he did not have enough bone to support the implant.

The claimant commented: “Although I live in Bristol now, I was born and bred near Manchester.

“My family has been using ……. for years, so I decided to travel from Bristol to ensure I received good treatment from a family dentist I could trust.

“The specialist informed me there was a serious problem with the implant. It turned out he had failed to ensure there was enough bone available to fit the implant in the first place.

“My gum had receded since the original treatment, which created a pocket between my gum and the implant allowing bacteria in that caused infection.”

The patient was left with more costs as he had to pay £500 to get the implant cleaned and clear of infection and he also had to have the crown removed and replaced which fell out after a few weeks.  He decided to take legal action to recoup some costs for repair work on his teeth which may take over a year to complete.

He said: “It is very frustrating because, aside from the pain, I have wasted so much time trying to get the problem resolved. It has negatively affected my life too. For example, I used to enjoy eating some harder foods like apples but I daren’t eat them now because the implant just isn’t strong enough.”


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