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X Factor Star reveals how she cheated death in work accident

X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan has revealed that she “cheated death” when she was involved in a serious work accident.

In an interview with The Sun the singer/songwriter explained: “I was working in demolition and I was 40ft high in the cherry picker removing some roof tiles from a hotel.”

She added: “Then all of a sudden the machine collapsed and I went hurtling towards the floor at 120 miles an hour.

“I thought I was going to die. I was just rushing towards the ground. Just before the impact I lifted up my legs and that helped cushion the fall.”

Despite accelerating towards the ground at over 100mph in just 40 feet the performer defied all the rules of physics and came out of the accident with just a broken leg.

“I still have something called complex regional pain syndrome. It means you’ve got pain and they don’t really know why,” she added.

Lucy said she doesn’t let her injury get in the way of everyday life though, “I feel it all the time. My body constantly thinks I’m in pain. But I’m happy.”

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