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Work injury victim handed £30,000 in compensation

A woman who injured her ankle after she slipped on a pallet in a work accident has been handed £30,000 in compensation.

The accident victim was working as an operations manager at a frame and door manufacturer at the time of the incident, which happened last year.

The woman was asked to stay late to ensure a delivery was dispatched on time, after one of her colleagues had to go home ill, but she was not properly trained and as a result she had an accident.

Her injury has meant that she has been unable to work for a year, and despite physiotherapy, the injury still remains painful.

The operation to treat the injury has left the worker with a 5-inch scar and a metal plate, which doctors say could lead to a degenerative form of arthritis in the future.

“I couldn’t see where the pallet actually ended, so when I stepped on the end of the plywood it just gave way and I crashed to the floor,” she explained.

“The pain was absolutely excruciating. Thankfully the driver of the lorry heard me screaming and came to help before rushing me to the Northern General Hospital where I was told I’d torn the ligaments in my ankle and would need an operation.”

The woman’s personal injury solicitors managed to help her secure a £30,000 settlement for the accident.

A spokesperson said, “[Name] was injured after having been asked to help out to cover someone else’s job she wasn’t trained for.

“She had never received any formal health and safety training or guidance about how to do the job safely and was not made aware of any risks related to the work besides a general ‘be careful’ from her health and safety officer.”

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