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Scientists handed £800K to develop brain injury technology

Scientists at Cambridge University have been given £800,000 to develop a bedside device that gives hospital doctors images of their patients’ brains.

The funding from the National Institute of Health Research has been handed to a team from Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the University of Cambridge.

It is thought that the technology will be used on patients that have suffered brain injuries.

The team have confirmed that as well as using the funding to developing the bedside devices, they will also be looking at developing an iPhone and iPad app which will help them detect memory problems.

The plan is for the bedside machines to give doctors high quality images of their patients’ brains, which would only usually be available at a handful of centres around the world.

A spokesperson from the Cambridge Brain Injury HTC said that the project would involve both patients and carers as well as some of the technology based businesses in and around Cambridge.

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