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Employee wins Compensation after Electric Shock Accident

A treatment and coating company from Cambridgeshire has been fined after safety failings led an employee to suffer an electric shock.

The 45-year-old was working as a machine operator when the accident occurred in July last year.

He suffered from an electric shock whilst checking new cables on a machine that had recently been maintained and tested.

The worker suffered wounds to his forearm and left palm as well as burns to his left arm and knee. He had to spend a total of 12 days in hospital and was unable to return to work for four months as a result of the incident.

Cambridge Magistrates’ Court heard how Tecvac had failed to impose adequate safe working procedures for its employees which work near electrical equipment.

The company was ordered to pay £3,500 in fines and more than £5000 in compensation to the worker.

“Work with or near electricity is dangerous. This incident could have been prevented if the company had identified the risk and acted to control it. They could have prevented access to the live parts of the cables, insulated them or ensured that stored electrical energy had been discharged,” said a spokesperson in the court hearing.

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