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Bouncer told he was "lucky not to kill victim" in unprovoked attack

A bouncer from Sunderland, who used extreme force to remove a customer from the club he was working, has been told by a judge he was lucky not to kill his victim.

The customer was captured on CCTV harmlessly enjoying himself in the club when the bouncer came over and roughly manhandled him out for no apparent reason.

The footage goes on to show how the customer, looking shocked, is then forced down the stairs and thrown head first in to railings outside the front doors.

The impact of the incident has left the victim with an eight-inch wound on his forehead which was “down to the bone” and has left him permanently scarred.

“The hospital told me I was very lucky. They expected my skull to be fractured but it wasn’t, likewise with brain injury,” he told local press.

The victim’s legal representatives told the court, “He [The bouncer] was providing a service to the public.”

“The public would expect to be protected by him from others attacking, rather than be attacked.”

“I would suggest this was an abuse of power on his part because of the role he undertook in that club.”

The judge ordered the bouncer to a 12-month prison sentence, 200 hours unpaid work and pay £1,000 compensation to the victim.

The worker, who is “devastated” by what he did, has since quit his job and now works in a call centre.

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