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Thorneycroft News for October 2011

Spinal injury claims

7th October 2011

Spinal injury and spinal cord injury compensation claims

Thorneycroft Solicitors has a specialist team of spinal cord injury solicitors who will guide through all the aspects of a spinal cord and spinal injury compensation claim. Our focus is to achieve the best outcome for you ensuring you get the financial and medical help you deserve.

Over a thousand people each year suffer spinal cord injuries in the UK and these can have a huge impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. It is fundamental that these people obtain high levels of compensation, treatment and rehabilitation. At Thorneycroft Solicitors we have a nationally acclaimed personal injury team that includes solicitors who are highly experienced in spinal cord injuries. We have a reputation for the highest levels of customer service and have successfully represented clients with spinal injuries resulting from a variety of reasons including road traffic accidents, injuries at work and medical negligence.

Spinal cord injury claim process

At Thorneycroft Solicitors we recognise that there is often a period of transition following the injury while the client adjusts to everyday life. During this time early medical intervention, treatment and rehabilitation is key. Compensation for spinal cord injuries can be a lifeline to helping rebuild independence and we are keen that clients receive all the help that they are entitled to, for now and the future.

Understanding the spinal injury compensation claim

At Thorneycroft Solicitors our spinal cord injury experts understand what is involved in a compensation claim and the importance of understanding the long term physical, social and financial impacts a spinal injury will have on our client’s future needs.

We provide a comprehensive service including provisions of support:

  • Help and guidance on rehabilitation
  • Advice on housing adaptations
  • Help with employment support
  • Liaison with medical and ancillary experts
  • Financial advice
  • Free initial meeting at your home, hospital or place of work

If you’ve suffered a spinal injury, it’s important to speak to us quickly so that we can start proceedings and ensure that you receive the right support from the beginning. If you’d like to have an initial conversation regarding your injury contact me on my direct line 01625 506602 or email me at: [email protected].

Thorneycroft Solicitors personal injury team are based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and we are one of the UK’s leading firms of dedicated personal injury claim solicitors with a reputation for the highest levels of customer service and successful spinal injury compensation claims. 

Brain Injury Claims

7th October 2011

Brain and head injury claims

Thorneycroft Solicitors has a nationally renowned personal injury team that includes highly experienced solicitors specialising in head and brain injury claims and compensation. We have successfully represented clients with brain and head injury claims as a result of a variety of reasons including road traffic accidents, motorbike accidents, medical negligence and birth injuries.

Head injuries and compensation

When someone has sustained a serious head injury or brain injury it can have devastating consequences for the injured party as well as their family. Whilst the circumstances of each case are very different, at Thorneycroft Solicitors we know that early rehabilitation is always key both in terms of physical recovery and help adapting to home and family life.

Our head injury solicitors understand both the complex rehabilitation process and the importance of assessing the potential future needs that a brain injury compensation claim needs to take into account.

Understanding the head injury claim process

Our specialist head injury solicitors have particular expertise in identifying the long term effects of brain and head injuries. By working with the medical teams and ancillary experts at the earliest opportunity we are able to ensure that your rehabilitation – both physical and social – is implemented and that both the injured party and their family receive the support they need. We advise clients on the levels of brain injury and head injury compensation appropriate to their circumstances, both in terms of a lump sum and any ongoing financial support that the injured party may require.

It is hugely important to find a specialist head injury solicitor with experience in brain injury cases to ensure that both the victim and their family receive the right support and advice early on in the process.

Catastrophic Injury Claims

7th October 2011

Catastrophic injury claim solicitors

Thorneycroft Solicitors is one of the UK’s leading firms of solicitors specialising in catastrophic injury claims. Our team of highly experienced and dedicated catastrophic injury claim solicitors has the experience and resources to ensure our clients receive the highest quality legal advice and best possible compensation settlements.

When a catastrophic injury occurs it can have devastating consequences for the injured party and their family. With such an injury it is vital that a claimant finds a solicitor with extensive experience and knowledge of the complex process involved in this type of claim, including a thorough understanding of the rehabilitation process and the importance of assessing the potential future needs that a catastrophic injury compensation claim needs to take into account.

Our solicitors have an excellent track record for settling personal injury claims. Our annual awards of damages for last year exceeded £14,000,000, with awards for complex catastrophic claims as high as £1,300,000.

We specialise in the follwing areas:

As well as undertaking compensation claims, we also work with relevant ancillary professions to ensure our clients obtain the correct rehabilitation, from short-term physiotherapy in less serious injuries right through to claims for surgery and prolonged therapies in cases of serious and long-term injuries.

Catastrophic injury claim process

At Thorneycroft Solicitors our experience extends across a wide range of catastrophic injuries including amputations and limb loss, severe burns, crushing injuries, falling injuries, paralysis and we have particular expertise in the areas of brain injury and spinal injury. We have highly regarded partners who work closely with the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust and the Spinal Injuries Association and by doing so our team has the knowledge and understanding required for dealing with catastrophic injury claims.

A dedicated case manager is appointed who will oversee all aspects of the claim from start to finish, including visiting clients at home, anticipating and facilitating rehabilitation needs, obtaining interim payments as well as advising on post settlement issues.

Thorneycroft Solicitors will get you the compensation you deserve

We understand what is involved in a catastrophic injury compensation claim and the importance of understanding the long term physical, social and financial impacts the injury will have on a client’s future needs. This means that when instructing Thorneycroft Solicitors you do so safe in the knowledge that our priority is to ensure that each of our clients receives, and retains, the maximum level of compensation possible and that their claim will be progressed professionally and without delay.

Wills – Cheshire Show

7th October 2011

Wills solicitors

At Thorneycroft Solicitors, our expert team of wills, trust and estate planning solicitors have earned a reputation for providing a caring and sympathetic approach to all your financial affairs. We understand the difficulties that can arise when writing a will and disputed estates which is why our wills solicitors take the time to understand your specific circumstances and the importance of safeguarding your financial security.

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Our Wills and trusts services

Our specialist team of wills and estate planning solicitors provides impartial and independent advice covering a range of wills services including:

Our wills and trusts solicitors can provide legal advice and expertise, guiding you through all aspects of making a will, inheritance tax planning and estate planning. Putting your wishes and best interests first at all times is of upmost importance to our team. 

The importance of making a Will

By making a will, you can provide for a partner or spouse and eliminate the problems that can arise when no will is left. It also allows you to choose how your property and possessions are dealt with in the event of your death and who you would like to execute your estate.

A will also enables you to create a financial framework for your children that will ensure they are looked after until they are old enough to do this for themselves, as well as give direction as to who will look after them. There are other financial related benefits of making a will such as charitable donations and tax liabilities that our expert team can help you plan for.

Without a will the way is left open for issues such as family disputes, tax liabilities may be greater and your estate may not be divided in the way you had wished.

Wills, trust and estate planning solicitors


We recognise that these can be difficult and emotional experiences but we will help to ensure that you obtain the best legal advice in which to financially safeguard your future.

For more information and advice contact our team of wills, trusts and estate planning solicitors today. If you would like to learn more about our probate services click here

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Wills offer

We are pleased to confirm that we can now offer Standard Wills for £95 + VAT.

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BiRT Seminar 2013

7th October 2011

BiRT Seminar talks by Thorneycroft Solicitors

Davids story
The Value of a Legal Perspective in Rehabilitation
Evolving our approach in a changing world
Supporting families
Mental capacity from a legal perspective

£300 raised at MacMillan Coffee Morning

26th October 2011

Thorneycrofts Solicitors staff continued their charity work by holding a MacMillan coffee morning at their Macclesfield premises.

A number if staff baked cakes for the occasion and it was well supported by team members from the whole company.

This year the charity aims to raise £8.5 million nationwide

Thorneycroft Staff Support Jeans For Genes Day

26th October 2011

Jeans for Genes is a charity that aims to change the world for children with genetic disorders.

At the start of October, our staff raised £175 by making donations when they wore their jeans to work for a day.

The charity worn has now developed to a level where they need to raise £2.5 million every year

Find out more by visiting:


£7,000 Raised for East Cheshire Hospice During Make a Will Week

7th October 2011

We were delighted to take part in ‘Make a Will Week’ during April which raised over seven thousands pounds for this very worthwhile cause.

Visitor Parking Space Available

7th October 2011

If you’re visiting Thorneycroft for an appointment. Come in through the archway on Bridge Street and there is a visitor parking space on the right hand side.

Listen to Philip and Michael on Silk FM Legal Eagle

6th October 2011

Listen to Thorneycroft Solicitors first Legal Eagle hour on Silk FM.

The show went live on Wednesday 28th September and featured Thorneycroft director Michael Coughlan and Philip Wilkinson from our private client team.

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