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Estate planning checklist
Estate Planning Checklist
Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning checklist

Helping you take care of you and your family’s future.

  1. Are your Wills up to date?

    Time can really fly and it’s unlikely that you’re in the same position now as you were five years ago. It’s important that your Will suits your current circumstances, so why not take advantage of our FREE Will review service?

  2. Inheritance Tax

    The reliefs and exemptions relating to inheritance tax are complex and subject to legislative changes. We will provide advice as to whether inheritance tax will be an issue in your estate and, if so, suggest steps (such as creating trusts) that might be taken to mitigate the tax liability.

  3. Life Insurance

    Life insurance is often overlooked in estate planning; however, it can be a very effective planning tool. It’s crucial to be aware of what your policy will pay out and to whom, as this may have tax implications for your estate. We will liaise with your financial advisor to ensure that any policy is drawn up correctly.

  4. Lasting Powers of Attorney

    We all know someone who can no longer manage their own affairs through either mental or physical incapacity. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney provides peace of mind by allowing you to choose one or more attorneys who you trust to look after your affairs should you be unable to manage this yourself.

  5. Trusts

    Have you considered whether a trust could help to protect assets for your family? Maybe you are happily married and each have children from previous relationships, or perhaps you have a child with a disability. In these circumstances, trusts can be used to benefit you.

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