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Delivery driver claims
Delivery driver claims
Delivery driver claims

Delivery driver claims

People who work in the food delivery sector rely on motorcycles, bicycles and cars to help them provide an important service to millions of people and businesses each year, but unfortunately, they are at increased risk of being involved in a road traffic accident.

If you are a food delivery driver who has suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, our personal injury team here at Thorneycroft Solicitors is here to help.

Our personal injury team have specialist knowledge in dealing with road traffic accidents and are perfectly placed to give you the advice you need when you need it most.

The App

Food delivery drivers are often at risk of being involved in a variety of road traffic accidents which can often include a collision with another vehicle or as a result of defective road surfaces.

As one of the UK’s leading firms, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with clients who have been involved in all manner of road traffic accidents, including those that have suffered a personal injury whilst carrying out their role as a food delivery driver.

This experience has helped us develop our industry-leading app that allows food delivery drivers who are involved in an accident to quickly log their accident along with vital details that could help their claim and begin the claims process all from your mobile phone.

The logging process takes only a few seconds and can be completed either at the scene of the accident or later on, all with the press of just a few buttons.

It is an essential tool for any food delivery driver and allows our team to begin your claims process, potentially within a few hours of the accident itself, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most, your recovery.

Our app also gives in-depth details surrounding the claims process, meaning you have a greater understanding of how and when each stage of your claim will be dealt with.

What should you do if you’re a delivery driver who’s been involved in a motorbike accident?

If you have been injured whilst working as a food delivery driver, and you believe the accident wasn’t your fault, download our app and log your incident for free today, or alternatively, you can contact a member of our team by calling 01625 509 716.

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