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    written a Will?

    We provide our clients with a caring and understanding approach to the important process, putting our clients' wishes and best interests first at all times.

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    Thorneycroft Solicitors Managing Director Rachel Stow talks about the range of services offered to clients and the approach that we take, in order to ensure the finest levels of care advice and support.

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    We provide cost effective conveyancing service that safeguards your interest at every stage of the transaction, whether you are buying, selling or remortgaging your property.
    +Applies on properties up to £500,000.

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  • Thorneycroft Solicitors, Macclesfield, Cheshire

    Thorneycroft Solicitors are a leading law firm, delivering high quality legal services and advice to individuals and businesses. Founded in 1990, we have offices in Macclesfield, Holmes Chapel and Buxton, but we look after the needs of clients wherever they are located throughout the UK. Our solicitors and legal specialists cover a wide range of legal services, providing the very best advice as well as the highest levels of customer care, with integrity and cost effective results.

    We do not nuisance cold call

    Thorneycroft Solicitors never cold call or send spam texts or emails to attract clients. We don’t make contact with people unless they ask us to. We have recently received a complaint from someone who was cold called by someone posing as Thorneycroft Solicitors. We are strongly against this practice and wish to stamp it out. If you believe you have been contacted by someone posing as Thorneycroft Solicitors we would welcome any information you can provide to us by emailing info@thorneycrofts.co.uk.

    Latest News

    Privacy breach leads to £75k pay out in compensation

    25th August 2016

    A woman who had her private life and medical history used to help train staff without her permission has received a huge pay out for the breach of her privacy.

    Bad cosmetic clinics could be named and shamed

    25th August 2016

    The cosmetic surgery industry has been through a period of scrutiny in recent years, particularly after the PIP scandal, when many faulty breast implants had to removed. In the past, many surgeons and clinics have been able to operate with limited regulations imposed upon them. As more and more people have turned to cosmetic surgery

    Do rising Insurance premiums have anything to do with Whiplash claims?

    19th August 2016

    In recent times, the insurance industry has continuously blamed the rising costs of motor insurance on the increased number of whiplash cases. An extract from this week’s APIL news claims to the contrary –

    Stepping Hill Hospital still needs improvements after report by CQC

    17th August 2016

    The hospital watchdog, the Care Quality Commission, has found areas still needing improvement following a recent assessment of Stepping Hill hospital. The areas that the CQC was still concerned with were in areas of safety and responsiveness in A & E.

    21 year old patient awarded £10k for dental negligence

    15th August 2016

    A woman, who went through 10 years of pain and discomfort of having a painful ‘shark’ tooth digging into her upper lip, has won £10,000 dental compensation. The problems started when she was 10 years old and had problems with her milk teeth not falling out even though her adult teeth were coming through.

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