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Why is January the month for divorce?

Traditionally there are two months a year where you will see spikes in the number of couples seeking divorce, September and January. There are lots of reasons put forward to explain these spikes; stress levels reaching breaking point during summer holidays when the children are off school or during Christmas, post Christmas financial worries or New Year instigating a decision for change.

Whatever the reasons are, the first working day in January ‘Divorce Day’ is always busy for divorce solicitors.

According to the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) divorces in England and Wales increased 0.5% in 2012 from 117,558 in 2011 to 118,140 and are expected to continue to increase. A survey commissioned by OneplusOne, a charity which aims to strengthen relationships by providing support for couples & families, reveals that 1 in 4 parents are thinking of splitting.

The survey found that six out of 10 people were experiencing relationship problems and, of those, a quarter never sought help. Penny Mansfield CBE, director of OnePlus One comments:

“But for many people, the additional stress of Christmas and the start of the New Year brings these underlying problems to the surface and they make their final decision to part.”

Making the painful decision to separate is rarely taken lightly especially if there are young children involved but the New Year often prompts people to take stock of their lives and accept that changes need to happen.

Whether you have been married 6 months or 60 years, if you are one of these people that have been thinking about divorcing and believe it to be the only option available to you then use Thorneycroft solicitors to handle your case.

Thorneycroft solicitors have highly qualified, highly experienced divorce solicitors that are used to dealing with any situation whether its straightforward couples separation, complex family situations or division of business assets etc. To ensure you reduce the pain and emotional stress of a divorce it’s important to use solicitors you trust.

Thorneycroft specialist divorce solicitors offer expert help and advice on the legal and financial implications of a relationship breakdown. Each member of the team has the required skills to negotiate a financial settlement ensuring a positive outcome for you.

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