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Doctors misdiagnose stroke for migraine

A woman was left severely disabled after being sent home and told to sleep off a migraine back in 2010.  The severe head ached turned out to be a stroke which left her very ill, unable to walk and talk.  She was devastated along with her family who struggled to come to terms with her condition.

Her husband is angry at the error made by doctors at the Medway Hospital and feels that they did not do all the necessary checks to ensure the headache was nothing more serious.  He is distraught at how it has affected their whole family, particularly their son.  He said:

‘His relationship with his mother completely changed and he wasn’t able to deal with it.

‘He had counselling and we found out that he thought his mum had died and this other body had replaced her.

‘Everything about her was different, the way she spoke, the way she was and he couldn’t reconcile it was his mum.’

This is a particularly sad situation as she was about to qualify to become a teacher which had been a dream of hers. The woman sadly died last year aged only 46 and now her husband is seeking damages and compensation from the Medway Hospital.  He feels the misdiagnosis has destroyed his family by taking his wife away from him and a mother away from his son due to what he believes to be medical negligence.

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