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Dentist struck off for breaches in basic standards of care off

A dentist has been struck off for conduct considered to be ‘unprofessional and financially motivated’.

The dentist was investigated following a case where he gave treatment to a 91 year old man that included implants, crowns and root canals.  Due to the man’s age and condition of the patient’s mouth, he should not have been recommended expensive £3000 treatment, which had little chance of working. In fact, most of the dental treatment given was ineffective as the patient’s implants and crowns subsequently fell out.

An investigation found the dentist acted unprofessionally and gave misleading advice for financial gain. The poor standard of dental care received by this vulnerable patient was described by the GDC’s professional conduct committee as ‘ill-considered, short lived and treatment rationale was effectively reactive’.

The GDC’s Committee found him guilty of ‘serious and serial breaches of the basic standards of the care patients are entitled to expect from dentists.’  The disgraced dentist was also found guilty of not maintaining regular records of patient treatments or receipts for payments received. It was discovered he had not offered any refunds or adjustments when treatments failed and systematically disregarded his patient’s interests in favour of his own.

The CDG reported: ‘The committee takes a serious view of your conduct in charging high fees and not accepting responsibility or offering appropriate refunds or adjustments for treatment that you carried out or were unable to complete’.

‘This conduct was unprofessional, financially motivated and breached the fundamental tenet that you should put patients interests before your own’.

‘In the course of a period of eight years you exploited your professional relationship with Patient A and put your own financial interests before her clinical and financial interests.’

If you think you have received poor care from your dental practice either now or in the past then please contact our specialist solicitors for an informal chat to review your specific circumstances and assess the viability of your dental negligence compensation claim. After this, the majority of claims are dealt with on a no win – no fee basis.

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