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Probate legal advice

At Thorneycroft Solicitors our expert team of probate solicitors has earned a reputation for providing a caring and sympathetic approach to all legal matters within these complex areas of law. Our offices are based in Macclesfield, Buxton and Holmes Chapel.

Expert probate services

Probate is a term applied to the official proving of a Will and the right to deal with the affairs of the person who has died or to administer the estate. The process of administering the estate of a person who has died can be complex and confusing. Our specialist Probate solicitors will listen to your particular circumstances and provide you with advice and support covering every stage:

  • How to apply for a grant of Probate or letters of administration for you
  • Dealing with tax issues
  • Dealing with issues in the will or to do with intestacy
  • Guiding you in the collection in and distribution of the assets
  • Helping you to administer the estate
  • We also have a department which can help you to contest an unfair will 
  • Probate costs

Why use Thorneycroft probate solicitors? 

Our probate solicitors can provide legal advice and expertise, guiding you through all aspects of the complex Probate service. Putting your wishes and best interests first at all times is of utmost importance to our team. We recognise that these can be difficult and emotional experiences but we will help to ensure that you obtain the best legal advice in which to financially safeguard your future.

If you live in the Macclesfield, Buxton or Holmes Chapel and require more information and advice about any probate issues and services please contact our specialist team of probate solicitors.

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