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Spinal injury claims

Spinal injury and spinal cord injury compensation claims

Thorneycroft Solicitors has a specialist team of spinal cord injury solicitors who will guide through all the aspects of a spinal cord and spinal injury compensation claim. Our focus is to achieve the best outcome for you ensuring you get the financial and medical help you deserve.

Over a thousand people each year suffer spinal cord injuries in the UK and these can have a huge impact on their lives and the lives of those around them. It is fundamental that these people obtain high levels of compensation, treatment and rehabilitation. At Thorneycroft Solicitors we have a nationally acclaimed personal injury team that includes solicitors who are highly experienced in spinal cord injuries. We have a reputation for the highest levels of customer service and have successfully represented clients with spinal injuries resulting from a variety of reasons including road traffic accidents, injuries at work and medical negligence.

Spinal cord injury claim process

At Thorneycroft Solicitors we recognise that there is often a period of transition following the injury while the client adjusts to everyday life. During this time early medical intervention, treatment and rehabilitation is key. Compensation for spinal cord injuries can be a lifeline to helping rebuild independence and we are keen that clients receive all the help that they are entitled to, for now and the future.

Understanding the spinal injury compensation claim

At Thorneycroft Solicitors our spinal cord injury experts understand what is involved in a compensation claim and the importance of understanding the long term physical, social and financial impacts a spinal injury will have on our client’s future needs.

We provide a comprehensive service including provisions of support:

  • Help and guidance on rehabilitation
  • Advice on housing adaptations
  • Help with employment support
  • Liaison with medical and ancillary experts
  • Financial advice
  • Free initial meeting at your home, hospital or place of work

If you’ve suffered a spinal injury, it’s important to speak to us quickly so that we can start proceedings and ensure that you receive the right support from the beginning. If you’d like to have an initial conversation regarding your injury contact me on my direct line 01625 506602 or email me at: [email protected].

Thorneycroft Solicitors personal injury team are based in Macclesfield, Cheshire and we are one of the UK’s leading firms of dedicated personal injury claim solicitors with a reputation for the highest levels of customer service and successful spinal injury compensation claims.