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Brain Injury Claims

Brain and head injury claims

Thorneycroft Solicitors has a nationally renowned personal injury team that includes highly experienced solicitors specialising in head and brain injury claims and compensation. We have successfully represented clients with brain and head injury claims as a result of a variety of reasons including road traffic accidents, motorbike accidents, medical negligence and birth injuries.

Head injuries and compensation

When someone has sustained a serious head injury or brain injury it can have devastating consequences for the injured party as well as their family. Whilst the circumstances of each case are very different, at Thorneycroft Solicitors we know that early rehabilitation is always key both in terms of physical recovery and help adapting to home and family life.

Our head injury solicitors understand both the complex rehabilitation process and the importance of assessing the potential future needs that a brain injury compensation claim needs to take into account.

Understanding the head injury claim process

Our specialist head injury solicitors have particular expertise in identifying the long term effects of brain and head injuries. By working with the medical teams and ancillary experts at the earliest opportunity we are able to ensure that your rehabilitation – both physical and social – is implemented and that both the injured party and their family receive the support they need. We advise clients on the levels of brain injury and head injury compensation appropriate to their circumstances, both in terms of a lump sum and any ongoing financial support that the injured party may require.

It is hugely important to find a specialist head injury solicitor with experience in brain injury cases to ensure that both the victim and their family receive the right support and advice early on in the process.