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Family Holiday turns into £6k food poisoning nightmare

A family who spent £6 k on a dream, 2 week, holiday to Cuba have been left distraught after they all contracted a severe sickness bug thought to be food poisoning, whilst staying at the luxury resort.

The family of five included a wife and ex-husband and three young children and it was supposed to be a holiday full of quality time together in the sun.  Instead each member was struck down as the holiday continued with a stomach bug which left them with diarrhoea, severe stomach cramps and vomiting.

The children were bed bound for the majority of the holiday and needed medical help whilst the parents had to try and care for them whilst dealing with their own sickness.  There were other families who claimed to have also suffered as a result of poor hygiene standards at the luxury resort and they are now taking legal action as a group against the holiday company.

The desperate mother claimed that their illnesses were as a result of numerous poor standards in cleanliness at the hotel including sewage leaking near the swimming pool area, poor food hygiene when they were served raw chicken on two occasions.  She claimed there were blood stains on her daughter’s bedding and the accommodation itself was dirty, especially the bathroom areas.

She said: “The swimming pool was simply filthy.

“It was horrific and was not once cleaned properly. You could see green algae on the tiles.

“Whilst we were there, there was even a raw sewage leak behind the bar in the pool.”

“It was terrifying seeing how ill my daughter was.

“She had a raging fever as well as gastric issues but she was too poorly to go anywhere so we had to call the doctor to the room.

“There she was given an injection, antibiotics and analgesics.

“She was in bed ill for at least four days, too ill to go out. She then spent the rest of the holiday resting in the shade or spending time in the room as she was so ill.”

“I have been told that it is likely we contracted food poisoning, possibly salmonella.

“My daughter and I are still suffering ill effects weeks after we have returned.

“It could have ended in a tragedy due to the unhygienic food practices.

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