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Child injured in lift accident at high street retail store

A mother is appealing for the person who helped her three year old child after she trapped her hand in a lift door and injured her hand.

The accident happened during a trip to the retail giant when the mother was tending to her baby in the pram and the child put her hand on the wall where the lift door opens and slides back.  As the lift door opened, it slid into the recess in the wall and it took the toddlers hand with it.

A kind ‘Samaritan’ ran to the child and mother after hearing screams and she comforted the child and calmed the mother whilst they waited for medical assistance.  She also suggested they apply saliva to the hand to help free it which worked and she was freed after 10-15 minutes and then taken to hospital for an X-ray which showed her hand had a broken bone.

Her mother said,

“……. was hysterical, she must have been in so much pain, it was really frightening,”

“She was trapped there for around 10 to 15 minutes but it felt like an hour.”

The mother now wants to find the woman who helped her that day: “Lots of people ran over to see what was happening but one woman immediately started helping.

“I really should have got her name at least – she’ll never know how eternally grateful I am to her for all her help.

A spokesperson for the retail giant said: “……….. takes the health and safety of its customers very seriously indeed.

“We are currently investigating what happened with a view to understanding why this incident took place.”


If you find yourself or a loved one is injured and not at fault then these are the factors to consider before making an occupier liability claim. Business owners and services have a duty of care to ensure that their premises, including all the land they are responsible for (eg carparks, rivers, lakes and roads) are safe for the general public.

  • Was the danger obvious and if not were there warnings or signage of the risks?
  • Was the accident area well-lit with adequate barriers or support if the ground was uneven?
  • The age of the injured party ie elderly or small children; allowances should be made for the lack of mobility of visitors or lack of knowledge and understanding of any warnings in place.

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