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Dental negligence resulted in a ruined wedding and £10k compensation

21st July 2017

A woman who claimed that “mistakes were made” during her dental treatment has received £10,000 in compensation after dentists allegedly failed to spot and treat her tooth decay, leaving her no option but to have her teeth removed just days before her Caribbean wedding.

The claimant who was due to be married on the Caribbean island of Grenada was forced to cancel her wedding photographer and a live band after she had to use her savings to pay for a procedure to fit dental implants to replace the two teeth she had been forced to remove.

After falling victim of dental negligence to two different dentists, the third was forced to remove the two teeth before any more damage from the rotting teeth could occur.

The 61-year-old claimant said: “My wedding in Grenada was coming up, and I was trying to save money to pay for it.”

“But the implants were so expensive I had to cancel the wedding photographer and the live music I’d arranged in order to pay for the treatment. It was deeply upsetting.”

“I was livid. To be told that two of my teeth were completely rotten was bad enough, but it was also only a few days before my wedding in Grenada.”

“I was already taking antibiotics for an abscess and was worried about the effect the hot climate would have on my teeth.”

“It was extremely upsetting and stopped me from enjoying my wedding.”

The case which began in 2015 was eventually settled in an out of court settlement for a total of £10,000.

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Medical negligence claims costing NHS £1.7 billion per year

21st July 2017

Within the last 12 months, there has been a record breaking £1.7 billion paid out to claimants who suffered medical negligence at the hands of NHS staff.

The figure for NHS negligence claims has almost doubled in the past decade and it shows no sign of decreasing anytime soon, with the Medical Protection Society (MPS) saying they believe the total will rise to £2.6 billion within the next 5 years, which could threaten the very existence of the NHS.  

A key issue behind the rise of the increased payouts is the errors made at childbirth by medical staff.

The most costly claims both in human terms and monetary terms are those that involve babies that suffer injuries at birth with cases often linked with a failure to monitor babies’ heart rates and identify risks of oxygen starvation. Many of these cases end with the child suffering irreversible brain damage, which leads to payouts that must cover the cost of care for life.

Chief Executive of the charity Action Against Medical Accidents said: “The human cost of these perfectly avoidable errors is far greater than the financial cost.”

“Most of these costs would be avoided if the NHS investigated incidents better, recognised when they were at fault and settled claims earlier.”

However, the MPS, who support over 300,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, have proposed changes to try and decrease the total payouts by the NHS for medical negligence.

They suggest a cap on future care costs, the value of which would be decided by a group of working experts. They also propose using national average weekly earnings to avoid unfair payouts to higher earners who make a similar claim to someone on a lower wage.

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Dental practitioner fined over £10k after illegal tooth whitening claim

21st July 2017

A former dental technician who was convicted of offering tooth whitening treatment illegally has been ordered to pay over £10,000 and has also been issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order preventing him from advertising his services or practicing dentistry.

This is the first time the General Dental Council (GDC) has been granted a criminal behaviour order. Should the order be breached, it could result in an increased fine, a prison sentence or both.

Originally banned from practicing dentistry by the Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) in 2012 for causing harm to patients and failing to accept accountability, the former dental practitioner was brought to the GDC’s attention after they received a complaint.

The banned practitioner was accused of offering tooth whitening services without being on the register of dental care professionals and was found guilty following a trial at a Magistrates’ Court.

The judge presiding over the case said: ““You do not have the qualifications or registration with the General Dental Council to carry out tooth whitening, and I’m quite certain that places members of the public at risk.”

The convicted former practitioner was fined £4,500 and ordered to pay £120 as a victim surcharge along with full costs to the GDC which totalled £5,703.99.

The Interim Head of the Illegal Practice team for the GDC, Mr Shaun Round, said: “This outcome shows how seriously both the GDC and the Magistrates’ Court take the illegal practice of dentistry. To ensure patient safety, tooth whitening can only be carried out by dentists and dental care professionals who are registered with the GDC. The GDC investigates and, where appropriate, prosecutes those who carry out illegal dentistry, to ensure that members of the public are protected and not put at risk.”

“This is the first time that the GDC has sought – and been granted – a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), which aims to stop people reoffending and further endangerment of the public.”

“We hope this outcome will encourage patients to ensure that when they seek dental treatment – such as teeth whitening – they check whether the practitioner is registered with the GDC.”

Have you had trouble with your dentist or dental practitioner?

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Expectations relevant to covenant enforceability

10th July 2017

Egon Zehnder Ltd v Mary Caroline Tillman

A restrictive covenant is only as useful as it is enforceable. Where there is disagreement over the validity of this type of clause, it is often left to the courts to decide whether or not an employee should be prevented from doing certain things – working with clients, or competing with their former employer, for example – after their employment has ended.

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Sickies – A Thing Of the Past?

10th July 2017

If you’re a fan of the Peter Kay show, Car Share, you’ll have seen the perfect sickie in the making. John’s car share buddy, Kayleigh, calls into work. She feigns a stomach bug with great aplomb, while John looks on. It’s all part of her plan to lure John, who happens to be the assistant manager in the store where they both work, to the safari park for the day.

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Failure to call appeal officer wasn’t fatal

10th July 2017

Elmore v The Governors of Darland High School

In most unfair dismissal cases, an employer will put its dismissing officer and its appeal officer in the witness box. It makes sense to give the tribunal a full account of what happened at each stage and why. But this case shows that a fair dismissal may be found even where the appeal officer does not give evidence.

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Disability-related absence didn’t cause redundancy

10th July 2017

Charlesworth v Dransfields Engineering Services Ltd

Mr Charlesworth, a branch manager, took a period of sick leave after developing cancer. His employer had been looking to make cost savings, and during Mr Charlesworth’s absence the business identified the possibility of a restructure that would delete his job and save the business up to £40,000 a year.

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Damages for Redundant Apprentice

10th July 2017

Kinnear v Marley Eternit Ltd t/a Marley Contract Services

Mr Kinnear was taken on by Marley under a four-year apprenticeship during which he was trained in roofing.

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The Right to be Accompanied

10th July 2017

Gnahoua v Abellio London Ltd

Employees have the right to be accompanied by a colleague, or a trade union representative or official at a disciplinary hearing. An employer who breaches this could face a tribunal claim and the possibility of having to pay compensation of up to two weeks’ pay.

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Psychometric Testing was Discriminatory

10th July 2017

The Government Legal Service v Brookes

Psychometric testing has long been a way of assessing the aptitude of job applicants. But this tick-box test, marked by computers, doesn’t necessarily provide a level playing field.

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