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Woman receives catastrophic back injury at work and company is fined £2.2 million

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated a well-known retailer after one of its workers, a 20 year old woman, sustained a crushing back injury and was paralysed by a 230kg roll cage containing paint.   The incident happened over 3 years ago when the woman was working part time at a store whilst still continuing her education at university.

A Court heard how the woman, who had just completed her first year at Uni,  had been pulling a roll cage laden with paint cans, out of a lift when it tipped over pinning her to the floor and causing catastrophic crushing injuries.

The HSE investigation had discovered that the cage had been overloaded with 230kg (507lb) of paint. There had also been no risk assessments of the dangers of transporting roll cages around the store, including on and off lifts and also no training or supervision of transportation of heavy loads.

The company was fined £2.2m after it pleaded guilty to offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act and paid costs of £70,835.91.

The Judge presiding over the case commented:

The practical realities were essentially that heavily and unevenly laden cages were being manoeuvred around, sometimes unnecessarily, with items not even required on the shop floor. The risks were clear.

The 23 year old is wheelchair bound and has only a 1% chance of walking again. She is seeking legal compensation for the injuries she sustained whilst at work.

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