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A Revolutionary Approach to Traumatic Brain Injury

Thorneycroft Solicitors is excited to be the first Brain Injury specialist to be offering its clients the use of a Vicon Revue as part of their rehabilitation process post-injury.  The Revue is a revolutionary new memory aid that can radically improve a person’s ability to remember events and experiences following a traumatic brain injury – and can vastly improve an area of a person’s life that can be left devastated.

The device – developed by Microsoft as the SenseCam – is an intelligent camera worn a round the neck and works by taking photos every 20 seconds or so, which are then reviewed a couple of times a day for a couple of weeks, resulting in a phenomenal improvement in recall of autobiographical events. Users of the Revue report a hugely positive experience, with not just an improvement in memory but also a reduction in anxiety and the ability to be more socially relaxed.

David Ellis, Brain Injury specialist at Thorneycroft Solicitors states “This is a hugely exciting development in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation and case studies are showing some fantastic results.  We are looking forward to using the Vicon Revues as part of clients’ rehabilitation and sharing some positive stories in the future.”

To view a case study of where Vicon Revue has helped improve an individual’s life – click here, and to see the results of the original Microsoft SenseCam trial at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Memory Clinic click here.