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Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust clin neg compensation claims reach £21.6million

Research and analysis carried out on NHSLA figures (NHS Litigation Authority) by an East Anglian Daily Times investigation has highlighted how clinical compensation claims at the Trust have reached £21.6 million in the last 3 years.

The Trust were reported to have paid out £7,651,097 in the year 2013/14 in clinical compensation and £7,869,537 in 2014/15.  2016 figures have yet to be fully confirmed but are expected to be £6,110,058 which is where the £21 million figure comes from.

The claim amount includes 91 successful claims made by patients or their families for damages, claimant legal fees and defence fees for unnecessary operations, accidents, unnecessary pain and fatalities.  33 claims were paid out in 13/14, 34 in 14/15 and 24 so far confirmed for 15/16.

A Colchester Hospital University spokesman commented: “Each year we see hundreds of thousands of patients and the vast majority regard the care they receive as excellent or good.

“However, in a tiny minority of cases we could have improved the care given.

“In these circumstances, we are open and admit that we are at fault, apologise and take steps to minimise the same mistakes happening in the future.

“This Trust’s key priorities continue to be patient safety and to improve our patients’ experience.”

The local MP commented: “One mistake is one too many. Mistakes are inevitably made as it is a human business, but they are not acceptable.

“I know new measures are in place now for reporting such incidents in the NHS, it is becoming more like the airline industry in that more focus is put on learning rather than blaming.

“These compensation claims are often seen in maternity units, because ultimately the mistake made there will affect the child for the rest of their life. Therefore the hospital’s output pays for extended care, say, if the child had cerebral palsy, they would be paying for everything that comes with that. It would be interesting to see how Colchester compares with the rest of the country when it comes to these figures.”

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