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Young boy suffers brain damage after heart attack.

A mother of a 10 year old boy is suing Watford General Hospital claiming medical negligence.  The young boy, who is now aged 11, was born with existing medical conditions, including a cleft lip and palate and two holes in his heart.  He has had 14 operations and has spent much of his life in and out of Hospital however he suffered a cardiac arrest last year after being given Heparin, which left him in a quadriplegic state.

The heart attack seems to be linked to an operation the boy had a few days before the incident. The patient was given a blood transfusion and an anti-clotting drug, heparin, after he was found to be anaemic.  His mother requested that he receive iron tablets only but the medics at Watford General advised her to let the procedure go ahead as she was hindering his treatment.

A few days after the procedure, the boys heart stopped for 45 minutes, leading to him being severely brain damaged. He was on life-support for 6 months but he is now no longer on life support but can’t move or speak.

Serious incident investigations took place to examine all aspects of the care received in this case and the findings revealed the child had been operated on whilst he had an infection.  The hospital had not waited until they had received the results of his blood tests before administering the heparin. This is vital information the hospital should have looked at and could potentially have caused the heart attack and brain damage.

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