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Woman wins compensation after flaming cocktail accident

A woman who was seriously burned when a flaming cocktail exploded in her face has been told she will receive a compensation payout.

The youngster was out celebrating her 19th birthday with friends in Barnsley when the accident happened.

Her friends ordered her an exotic £15 drink as a birthday gift, little did they know that the drink would cause serious damage.

The lit fumes of sambuca, which was being poured over a tower of glasses burst in to flames and covered the woman’s face, turning her hair and skin in to a fireball.

She was left with second degree burns, and her eyes were only saved because she had them closed while she was taking the drink.

“There were about eight of us celebrating a few days before my 19th birthday.

“It was a tradition in the group to have these drinks on birthdays.

“But the waiter was shaking as he was preparing it, I don’t think he knew what he was doing.

“I was also given a normal straw instead of a party straw, so I was nearer the flames as I started drinking.

“I think I heard a bang. It felt like a lifetime, but it took 10 or 12 seconds to put out the flames.”

The accident victim, now 22 and an administrator for a school has just received compensation from the owners of the bar after a prolonged 3 year legal battle.

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