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Woman suffers double jeopardy with poor cosmetic surgery

A 24 year old woman is appealing to other woman to think twice before going abroad for cheaper cosmetic surgery after she was left with hideous scarring and uneven breasts following two failed cosmetic surgeries.

The problems started after the woman returned home after paying £2,375 for breast augmentation to have her breasts enlarged from a size 34A to 34F at a clinic based in Belgium. She had all her consultations in the UK and felt she had made the necessary checks to ensure she was in safe hands however she returned back home after the surgery and developed a fever.

She said “It was about nine days after the surgery and I felt a ripple when I was walking.

“At first I brushed it off but I woke up the next day with the worst fever I had ever had.

“I took my sports bra off and it just gushed out, it was like a tap, it was disgusting.

“They rushed me through A&E and I had about five or six doctors around my bed hooking me up to all kinds of monitors and drips.

“It turned out I had sepsis and the nurse told me if I hadn’t have come in when I did I would have died during the night.

“The first thing the next morning I was back in theatre having my breast implants removed.

“I woke up with drains still removing all of the leftover fluid. I was in hospital for about five days but I think I cried the whole time I was there.”

Amazingly, when the woman phoned the Belgian clinic to complain, they offered her a free replacement which she returned to Belgium for. As soon as she landed back in the UK, she felt the ripple again in her chest and felt sure the implant had exploded again so she returned to the hospital.  The implant was removed once again for her own health and now she has been left with an uneven chest after medics advised her that the other implant was fine and she decided to leave her right implant in.

She said, “I had an operation to remove the left implant on Tuesday so now I have one enhanced breast and one ‘man boob’.

“I had all consultations done in England and there were loads of people in the waiting room and it all seemed okay.

“When I went over to Belgium it was a posh clinic. The rooms were lovely and everyone was really friendly and they couldn’t do enough for you.

“I decided to go back a second time because after I had to have them removed I was left with horrible lumps and bumps and abnormal-shaped breasts.

“I wouldn’t say to people not to have surgery but just to be very careful where they go because as much as it’s cheaper to go abroad, it’s not always best.

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