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Woman sues hospital for amputating her leg after treatment for a stubbed toe

A woman is making a catastrophic injury claim against a hospital after they amputated her leg following her admittance to hospital for treatment of her stubbed toe.

The mother-of-two had her leg removed after she developed a life-threatening case of sepsis while undergoing treatment for a stubbed toe.

The woman injured the big toe on her right foot at her home in July 2016 and was referred to the hospital by her GP after her wound began to weep and become painful.

She spent three nights in the hospital as an inpatient, before they discharged her and sent her home.

However, she then developed sepsis, which is a complication of an infection, and her wound quickly got worse.

Just a few short hours later, surgeons informed her that her infection had become so severe that they would have to amputate her leg below the knee to stop the infection spreading.

The woman is now pursuing a claim for serious injury alleging that there had been “huge oversights in her care”.

She said: “It is hard to comprehend how a stubbed toe – something I’m sure most people have done on more than one occasion – could result in such a catastrophic injury.”

“To say I am devastated is an obvious understatement, and I’m bitterly disappointed at what I feel was a huge oversight in my care.”

The woman now relies on a combination of a wheelchair and a prosthetic leg to aid her mobility and feels as though she has lost her independence.

The woman’s legal representatives have now begun legal proceedings against the hospital in question with the woman facing an extended period of rehabilitation.

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