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Woman's dental hell left her unable to eat or talk

A woman from Wallasey has appeared on C5 Botched Bodies to expose her embarrassing problem with her teeth. The 42 year old knew that her teeth were not in a good state but was not quite prepared for the feedback from dental professionals who declared her mouth a ‘bombsite’.

The woman said she always used to take care of her teeth and her mum made sure she took her regularly to the school dentist. She claimed he took out teeth unnecessarily that didn’t need to be extracted.

“It began when I had started junior school and was about six or seven. I went to the dentist and had a filling in a back tooth and then a further three or four that I’m sure I didn’t need. It was when he was doing work to one tooth that he broke the one at the front next to it which was why I ended up with a denture!

“It was just a nightmare. My mouth looked disgusting.”

In later life, the patient had a dental plate fitted but this irritated her gums and was ill fitted.

“I had my wisdom teeth taken out just as they were coming through and in the end I had 11 adult teeth removed – all, I believe, because the dentist got paid for every filling that was done and every tooth that was taken out! Many in my school year were the same.

“I was left unable to eat solid food because of the plate and so I just used to drink shakes and eat porridge and mashed up banana, so my hair thinned too because my nutrition was poor. It even affected my speech.

“I started getting abscesses and gumboils in my mouth. It all left me very self-conscious and in such a lot of pain”.

Sadly this is not an uncommon occurrence and people become very self-conscious when they get older and can’t afford to fix the damage done to them as a child. Luckily for this 42 year old mum, she got a new smile after appearing in the TV show and feels she has a new lease of life.

“Comments about my teeth really knocked me back because they hurt.”

“I am so so grateful. Now I love brushing my teeth.

“I am more chatty and animated, more confident and, of course, I smile more.”

She admits: “I do still feel angry but I’m so happy with my smile I want to move forward now.”

Having poor dental care can leave you embarrassed and withdrawn and people sometimes put up with it because they think it’s their fault.  We all have a responsibility to look after our teeth, but if teeth extraction and gum disease occured through poor or uneccesary dental care from a dental practitioner, then you may be entitled to compensation.  This compensation could go towards repair work for your teeth and give you the confidence you need.

We all like to trust our dentist and most of the time they get it right but when they get it wrong the results can be painful and permanent. If you think you have experienced poor dental treatment at the hands of a dental professional whether its a dentist, dental hygienist or dental therapist then contact our specialist dental compensation solicitors for more information. It is important to highlight poor practice and make sure it doesn’t happen to other patients.

Our dental negligence claims solicitors have consistently achieved excellent results for our clients in Macclesfield, Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas and remain dedicated to maximising the compensation for dentist negligence claims available on a no win – no fee basis. Call us now on FREEPHONE 0800 093 2030, or complete our simple enquiry form and we can call you back at a time to suit you.