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Woman received £35k payout after losing 13 teeth due to misdiagnosed gum disease

A woman has taken her dentist to court after a trip to a new dentist revealed that she had suffered from gum disease for some time and as a result needed multiple extractions.  The 28 year old woman had attended her dentist after suffering from sensitivity in her tooth and also because she was about to spend a year abroad and wanted to get a check up before she went.

She was diagnosed in 2008 with a hypersensitive nerve but, according to the woman, was not advised that she had gum disease or what could happen if left untreated.  Her X-ray taken at the time, clearly showed evidence of gum disease.

“I was relieved to be honest. The diagnosis of a hyper-sensitive nerve was nothing serious so I presumed I had otherwise healthy teeth and gums.”

In 2011 she had moved to a new area and registered with a new dentist who also told her that her oral health was good and was not told her teeth and gums were deteriorating.

In 2014 she moved again and her new dentist advised her she had advanced gum disease and needed 13 teeth extracted.  She was shocked that this was the first she had heard about it:

“I was absolutely gobsmacked. I nearly fainted when I was told the news that I could suffer widespread tooth loss. I had only been told by my previous dentists to brush gently so as not to upset my teeth and gums, not that I was about to lose teeth.

“This was clearly a case of not being given the right information, being left alone and not being treated by dentists who we all put our trust in. I felt so angry and upset.”

Whilst initially both her previous dentists refused to accept liability for her advanced gum disease, she was able to obtain an out of court settlement from them totalling £35,000 compensation which will go some way to help pay for extensive repair work.

The successful claimant said: “My local practice in Guildford are doing all they can to help me, but the private appointments and level of extensive treatment I need which the specialist told me will result in 12 to 18 months of treatment are not only going to be painful, they are also going to be extremely expensive.

“I was horrified at how much my teeth are going to cost me now to get fixed and I am only 28 years old.”

99% of the time you can trust your dentist to give you good quality care but sometimes things go wrong and you need specialist advice.  At Thorneycroft Solicitors we have specialist solicitors who have experience dealing with dental claims if a dentist or dental practitioner has caused you necessary pain and discomfort.

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