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Woman demands more after receiving £3.3 million in divorce settlement

An ex-wife has returned to the courts to request more money from her ex as she feels she is unable to fund her lifestyle on the settlement she received.  The woman was married to the five times wed ex-husband for 10 years and has two children by him.

She led a very comfortable lifestyle when she was with her husband who, according to her, encouraged her to lead a very decadent lifestyle with an apartment looking over Central Park in New York, expensive jewellery and luxurious gifts.  They had domestic staff, super cars on the driveway and enjoyed regularly dining at exclusive restaurants.

The couple split in 2011 and a Court awarded her a pay out totalling £3.3 million made up of property in Chelsea and Kensington which she felt were the equivalent to the New York property, £100,000 a year for savings for her pension and £370k a year in maintenance for their two children.

She said, “We enjoyed frequent foreign holidays, always flying business class, and ate in the finest restaurants,

“He encouraged me to spend freely and would buy me lavish gifts of jewellery several times each year.”

The woman is returning to the Court of Appeal because she feels this is not enough to maintain a ‘reasonable standard of living’ that she was and is used to.

In the Court of Appeal, Lady Justice Black read: “The wife says the provision for the future fund was too small and would leave her unprovided for in later life,”

The claimant feels that her ex-husband has limited earning potential due to his age and health and is demanding he more than doubles his ‘savings’ payments from £100,000 to £215,000 a year to provide for her later in life.

The case has been adjourned to hear about the ex-husbands current health problems as he is claiming the settlement was fair at the time but he is now applying to reduce the payments due to a reduction in income.

The cost of the legal bills alone in this divorce battle is now over £1 million.

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