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Woman awarded £22,000 in compensation following poor dental work

A woman has been awarded £22,000 in compensation after poor dental work resulted in the loss of eight teeth and ongoing painful tooth infection.

The woman sued the dentist after his substandard care left her in need of extensive corrective procedures, including bridges, crowns, dentures and root canal treatments.

The woman visited the dentist nearly 40 times over the next 16 years. She said “He attempted to remove another two of my teeth in August 2007, and I also developed 12 teeth and gum infections during my time in his care. I’d had more than enough.”

After registering at a different practice following a relocation to Cambridgeshire her new dentist told her what bad condition her teeth were in. She added  “ I found out five of them were so beyond repair I had no choice but to have them removed. I was very upset because I’d trusted Dr Clark completely but he had let me down.”

Her new dentist also discovered untreated decay in five other teeth, so she had another tooth removed in September 2011 on her new dentist’s advice because it had become too damaged to save, making it necessary for a bridge to be fitted. Sarah had a permanent bridge fitted in May 2012.

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