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US research reveals cosmetic fillers could cause blindness

A recent number of reports in the US have highlighted blindness as a potential side effect of cosmetic fillers.

One of the studies published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology by Dr Carle reports that three people have been blinded by the procedure.  Her research found that if the filler accidentally seeps into blood vessels of the eye’s artery then this can block the blood supply and lead to permanent blindness.

Dr Carle said; “While this complication is very rare, it is very significant. A bruise will go away, but vision loss is permanent.”  She believes practitioners must explain to their patients ALL the risk involved before carrying out the procedure.

The chances of having complications, following dermal fillers injections, are considerably higher if the practitioner is not professionally trained to perform the procedure.

The US has often pioneered developments in cosmetic treatments whether non-invasive or invasive and these findings should be carefully considered in the UK.

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