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To divorce or not to divorce?

A large legal firm has conducted a study which questioned 2,000 married parents on matrimonial matters such as divorce with interesting findings.

The survey revealed that 40% of people currently in a marriage aren’t completely happy but are not unhappy enough to initiate divorce. The study threw up some thought provoking results including the top 10 reasons for not divorcing despite being unhappy:

  1. I have too much to lose
  2. Worried about the impact on the children
  3. I can’t afford to move out/live on my own
  4. I can’t afford to go through a divorce
  5. I want to give it some more time before making a final decision
  6. Stigma of divorce
  7. For my partner’s money
  8. Worried about how we will manage contact with the children
  9. I worry I won’t meet anyone else
  10. We have too many shared financial interests

Interestingly 37% admit they have not divorced due to not wanting to traumatise their children and often sited growing apart or affairs as top reasons for wanting a divorce. 20% of the people surveyed admitted to staying together for big family events such as Christmas but planned to initiate divorce proceedings afterwards.

Divorce is never a decision to be taken lightly and it’s often the last resort when all mediation and reconciliation processes have failed. At Thorneycroft solicitors, we understand how traumatic divorce can be for the family as a whole and aim to treat each family with great care and sensitivity so make the process as painless as possible.

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