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Tameside hospital under scrutiny again

Tameside hospital is yet again in the news following the revelations that an Alzheimer sufferer was left badly bruised after being dropped whilst being moved from her bed to a wheelchair. 

The 76 year old woman suffered a badly bruised arm and, when her daughter asked hospital staff how it had happened, she was told the pensioner had slipped while being moved by a member of the nursing staff.

The patient’s daughter feels particularly aggrieved at the hospital because she feels lessons aren’t being learnt following an earlier incident when her mother was left on a trolley in a corridor 10 months earlier.  She complained to the Trust following this incident and also stated she was unhappy about her mother being handed a nappy to wear as there was insufficient staff to take her to the bathroom.

The Tameside hospital has been in special measures since July last year and since then has failed to improve sufficiently to warrant removal from the list.  Both the CQC watchdog and Monitor have found the hospital still failing to meet both the 8 national standards for quality and safety in March and also only delivering 5 out of the recommended 22 urgent or immediate actions in April this year.

Although senior hospital staff are working hard to make improvements, it is clear that changes aren’t working fast enough for some patients.  

The patient’s daughter believes her mother’s medical notes specify that she should only be moved by two people and this was not followed, which ultimately led to her mother’s fall.  Staff shortages are a common problem for hospitals in special measures.

She said: “The hospital says changes have been made, but this shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Lessons are not being learned. It has to stop.”

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