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Tameside General Hospital fails inspection

Tameside General Hospital has once again found itself in hot water this year after failing to meet 8 of the 11 national standards during a January inspection.

Health watchdogs from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) discovered numerous shortfalls which were cause for concern, particularly as the hospital has already been identified as having higher than average mortality rates.

The inspectors found that there were not enough staff to meet patient needs which is a common feature of many poor performing hospitals currently under scrutiny. They found that, in one department, patients were not treated with dignity and there was another instance where a patient was detained unlawfully for a number of days, thus highlighting a distinct lack of knowledge of the mental health laws.

Worryingly the inspection also found that a number of operations, including knee and hip surgery, had been cancelled due to bed shortages which means patients are left in agonising pain and calls into question the quality of care provided by the hospital.

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been ordered to ensure Tameside General Hospital takes immediate steps to make improvements across a number of the failing areas to ensure the quality of care meets national standards.

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