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Successful compensation claim for poor dentistry

A woman has received a five figure payout after losing five teeth due to poor dental care.

The 54 year old woman had been with her dentist since she was a teenager and she had to have extensive repair work done as a result of deterioration in the bone which ultimately led to gum disease.

She successfully claimed that her dentist failed to act appropriately to her disease in terms of spotting the early signs of gum disease and advising on preventative treatment.  As a result, she lost one tooth and then four more became loose and had to endure painful remedial work.

She said: “I trusted him completely and if he had acted sooner I’d not be in this mess.”

Her dentist has now retired and denies liability.

If you have attended a dentist regularly and feel that you are experiencing dental problems that were preventable due to undiagnosed dental conditions such as gum disease then contact as now at Thorneycroft Solicitors as you may have a dental negligence claim.  Call our experienced solicitors on 0800 1979 345 or complete our simple enquiry form.